10 Most amazing natural defenses

There is so much to awe you and amaze you in the world of science, you would not even believe. To brief you a little, and brag because I have been a science student (like every other Indian), animals use varied defense mechanisms to save themselves from predators. If you see something that looks a little too good to be true, it is because there are species variations and other variations of the same species would die while the ones which adopt better would survive, thus leading to a particular gene structure’s preservation and propagation.

Went over the head? Just remember survival of the fittest thingy and you’re good to go! 😛

1. Have you ever ‘played possum’? This is how a possum plays dead when predator attacks.




2. No this is not just another piece of wood, it is a stick insect.

Walking stick

3. The Eurasian roller birds vomit on their own self as a defense mechanism. Cool but..I mean…eww!

The birds that vomit all over themselves

4. This actually is a spider.



5. This dead leaf like looking thing is actually a butterfly.

butt6. Chameleons are already famous for their amazing camouflages, have a look at this one..


7. Like our superhero movies, squids can throw their arms to defend themselves. Not even kidding.

8.  This is not a snake….it is a caterpillar!



9. The Hairy Frog (I know that is a stupid name!) actually breaks its own bones and uses them as a defense weapon against predators! Pretty cool, hun?

10. Humans when they are tickled. No seriously, don’t tickle a human being!





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